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Welcome to the Natural Health Research Institute! By entering this site, you show that you are prepared for a new era in support for people with Sickle Cell Anemia and other ailments that have affected humans for centuries. Our products include Dioscovite, which is a naturally derived dietary supplement and a revolutionary new approach to the control of sickle cell anemia. The effectiveness of Dioscovite against sickle cell was discovered by Oji Agbai, N.D. PhD in 1983. Since then, thousands of individuals have benefited from the supplement as their lives transformed from sickness and pain to health and wholeness. In addition to Disoscovite, the Natural Health Research Institute also offers nutritional support for a variety of health problems.

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  •  Thyroids
  •    Energy   
  • Aneurysm Control
  • Liver Health
  • Joint Health
  • Arthritis Control
  • Uterine Fibroids Control
  • Menstrual Cramps Control
  • Easier Childbirth Control
  • And More

Our patented supplement for sickle cell anemia has prevented sickle cell crisis for over 16 years, saved lives by raising the hemoglobin from 2.0 to 7.3, normalizing enlarged liver, abdomen, swollen hands and feet, and stopping painful crises that had plagued a client for ten months. For our prostate health support package, in a case of prostate cancer, the PSA dropped 96%, from 13.3 to 0.59.For colon health supplement, in a colon cancer case, the CEA dropped 80%, from 185 to 38.For diabetes control package, the blood sugar became normal. The clients were healed.

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A Dietary Supplement

Dioscovite contains nutrients needed for good health and vitality, enabling sickle cell and other anemic clients to have improved energy levels. Daily use of Dioscovite is needed to feed the blood with Dioscovite nutrients, just as daily food intake is needed to feed the body with food nutrients.

       Discovery                .

Dioscovite was discovered by means of electron microscopy, in vitro (test tube) studies, which show that adequate anti­sickling nutrition stops the sickling of SS, sickle cells. This is shown at the bottom picture on this page. Such sickle, SS, cells with normal, spherical shapes stay a long time in the body and improve the blood count and energy levels. They circulate freely like normal cells, without clogging peripheral blood vessels (vaso-occlusion) that cause vaso-occlusive pain crisis. This phenomenon reduces the number of sickle cells in the body, thereby promoting health. No anti-sickling nutrient (top picture) and inadequate anti-sickling nutrient supply (middle picture) do not stop sickling. Those sickled cells cause sickle cell painful crisis and other problems. Hence, adequate Dioscovite intake is very important for good health. Nutrition as a "Protective Factor"

Dioscovite supplies adequate "protective factor" nutrients to satisfy the nutritional needs of sickle cell clients suffering from NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY ANEMIA.

Easv to Take Supplement

Take Dioscovite in fruit iuices like apple, grape, pineapple, mango, guava juice, or in soup, for better taste and absorption. Never take Dioscovite in soda pops, alcohol, water, nor by itself.


Dioscovite is safe because the nutrients occur in staple foods eaten by over 500 million people worldwide, who consume similar daily amounts of nutrients as those taking daily Dioscovite supplement. As a dietary supplement, Dioscovite nourishes the body with the same safe nutrients that have nourished humans for centuries! Dioscovite is good for you!


Inadequate Anti-sickling Nutrient


Adequate Anti-sickling Nutrient


Best results are achieved by anti-sickling nutritional supplementation (Dioscovite) and avoidance of environmental stress, such as conditions that cause sickle cell crises.


To maximize the efficacy of Dioscovite in preventing sickle cell crises, please, avoid the following known causes of sickle cell crises:


  1. Acidosis
  2. Alcoholism
  3. Emotional stress
  4. Fatigue           
  5. Exhaustion
  6. Local stases-obstruction of circulation
  7. Respiratory infection
  8. Parasitic infection-bacterial, viral
  9. Transfusion reaction
  10. Insect bites
  11. Pheumonitis
  12. Diarrhea
  13. Enema
  14. Fever, as much as possible 
  15. Severe exercise and swimming in a cold water or getting chills after swimming.
  16. Shock
  17. General anesthesia
  18. Long time exposure to cold or hot temperature
  19. High altitude
  20. Prolonged anger
  21. Junk foods. (These include all kinds of soda, coffee, cows’ milk, instead, drink soy milk, 100% fruit juices and of course water.)
  22. unbalanced diet 
  23. Drugs of abuse
  24. Oxidants (Avoiding radiation exposure, not smoking or avoiding areas of volatile chemicals, etc., can make a difference at the level of contact with oxidizing species).
  25. Folic acid deficiency
  26. Thiocyanate deficiency
  27. Vitamin B Complex deficiency (especially B6)
  28. Multimineral deficiency
  29. Antioxidant deficiency
  30. Zinc deficiency
  31. If you eat three times, you must have bowel movement three times, in other words, there must not be constipation because it will inhibit the absorption of dioscovite. To enhance this eat raw fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, carrots apples, oranges, before eating cooked food. If constipation is present, eat raw broccoli or carrots more.
  32. Incorrect use of Dioscovite (This means that Dioscovite must be put in the soup or water that will not be left over but  not in pop , and should not be taken straight (For better test and better absorption). In other words, it must not be taken by itself. It must be taken at least two hours before or after any medication, vitamins, minerals, etc.




Oji Agbai, ND., PhD.

(Dioscovite inventor)

President Natural Health Research Institute Community Impact Group, Inc..

P O BOX 8355

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101




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