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On this page, you will view some of the testimonies of the many clients who are on dioscovite regimen. Dioscovite has eliminated the need for blood transfusions, painkillers such as morphine, and other treatments that are quite often ineffective in the long run. This is because such other treatments ease symptoms and severe pain temporarily, but often lead to negative economic, social and physical consequences. Those who regularly utilize Dioscovite experience a normal life relative to their pre-Dioscovite conditions. However, Dioscovite is not a cure, but a natural remedy that has been shown to drastically reduce not only the symptoms, but the problems resulting in loss of longevity for sickle cell anemia. Please, note that the video and the following testimonies were produced independent of the Natural Health Research Institute. - From support group - From a Doctor of a client JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, VOL. 78, NO. 11, 1986














TextField1:I am requesting information about products because i was first introduced to discovite through books,herbs,and spices. When my son was only a few weeks old i was informed of his SS and my mother called Mr.T and she called him for all alignments.  He told her about the discovite and she picked it up, it has definitely worked God's wonders through my son. My son in now soon to be 10 next month and he has never once been hospitalized for pain in his life. Last year he was hospitalized for a cold/flu situation a day or two, and they were wanting to keep him basically for precautionary measures due to him having SS. And when one of the nurses came in she asked, why don't i know you young man because i know all of the sickle patients that come to this hospital with sickle due to their many visits. And i know that because of God's grace and your product he is the healthy boy he is today. And we would love to keep him this way so please send me more product information on how to keep this possible. Thank you and may God bless!

Sure you have permission to post my testimony on your site!

7/23/2012 3:36 PM

From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.


February 12, 2012

Dear Dr. Agbai:

I felt impressed to at least send you a thank you letter/progress report on my son's experience using

As I may have mentioned in the past, we officially found out about our son's condition when he was one
month old due to the hospital's policy of infant screening. But prior to this confirmation, there was a
suspicion due to his elevated bilirubin levels, that he could have the disease.

Since both my husband and I have the 5S trait we always knew that it was a strong possibility that we
could have a child with the disease, but we did not understand the ramifications that this disease had.
When we started to read up on the hospital material that was sent to us, we were in shock and
extremely depressed! My sister who saw my depression began immediately researching natural
remedies for SSD and came across the case of ... and how she dealt with her son's disease
using a special diet and your DIOSCOVITE. She found your website and gave me the information.

It was then that I first contacted you and told you about our situation. I thank you for the time to spent
answering our questions and concerns. So pretty much, since ...l was a baby he has been on this
supplement, and I credit your product (as well as prayer and a special diet) for the fact that he has been
able to enjoy pretty much a normal life up until this point! He is growing and happy and gaining weight -
despite the fact that I have had a very hard time in the beginning getting him to eat certain foods! That
was another test to my faith, but then I could really see how the DIOSCOVITE was working! The lord has
been extremely good to him! He now
2 Y2 years old and has energy overflowing! He runs and jumps and
gets into all sorts of trouble just like his older brother!

We are very gratefully for your supplement and we wish that it was available for every person with
sickle cell disease! I am extremely troubled when I hear the accounts of many of our people suffering
with the painful symptoms of this horrible condition, when there is help that can give them a much
better quality of life I Of course, I am trying to do my part to share what I know so that others can also

We wish you continued success in your mission to relieve the suffering of many. We really appreciate
what you have done and what you continue to do. Be encouraged that the lord will reward your efforts


 The ...Family


Date: 20-Jul-11 09:42 AM  

ZipCode:New Jersey
TextField1:Dear Dr. Agbai,

Recently my son was sick, and I took him to the hospital. His hemoglobin was 5.2, and his heart rate was 156. His spleen was also said to be enlarged. His hematologist was contemplating whether or not to transfuse him instantly. I called you on the phone, and told you what was going on. You asked me to place him on dioscovite, as soon as possible. I took him back home, and gave him 0.5ml of dioscovite. Amazingly, he gradually went back to his regular activity the following day. He was no longer weak, and within two days, he had brightened up, and was not looking pale again. You also sent me some other nutritional products, which I gave to him.
A week later, I took him back to his hematologist, for follow-up routine. His hemoglobin was checked again, and also his heart rate. Dr. Agbai, my son's hemoglobin increased to 6, within one week. His heart rate had also reduced to 121.
Dr. Agbai, I have never spoken to you before, until I heard about dioscovite. You have been of great help to me, and I really do not know how I would have been able to cope with my son, without your assistance. God has been using you, to help people like my child. My son is just like every other regular kid out there. He is very active, he plays a lot, his appetite is amazing. People actually call him the king of food, because he likes food.
You really do not know what you have done for me. God knows that my son can do anything he wants to do.

Dear Dr. Agbai

                I am very excited about your Dioscovite Supplement. I found it to be a miracle from God. My name is ... I reside in  ... My granddaughter .. was born in November 2005. Her mother and father have the Sickle Cell trait. .. was tested about one month after birth and was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia SS. I was devastated. So I called my Herbal Store Books Herbs and Spice and spoke with T. I told T my situation and asked if he could give me anything to help my granddaughter. He told me about the dioscovite supplement. I called and talk with you and you told me the amount of dosage to give her. .. is doing great. She gets a temperature sometimes but of course she had to be hospitalized many times. The doctors cannot understand why she has not gone into crisis. Her blood work as of September 2011: Hemoglobin – 10.1. Hematocrit is 29.9. Sickle 73.5%. Oxygen – 100. BP 93/63. She weighs 38.1 lbs. I thank God for what he has done through you. I thank the Almighty God for all he has done for me and my entire family. Thank you for listening to me at 2 a.m. in the morning, not knowing that you have a conference the next day. God bless you



Sent: 2011-08-22 11:14:23

To: Natural Health Research Institute Information <>

Subject: Re: Thank you

Dear Mrs Agbai, I have begun since July 15th giving Dioscovite to my child,and I can tell you I have no reason to stop. I thank you and your husband for this product.

I am earnestly waiting to read your reply.

Thank you.

January 23, 2006

 Dear Dr. Agbai,

 I am very excited about your supplement, "Dioscovite!"  I found it to be a true miracle and blessing from GOD! 

 My name is Martha Park.  I reside in McDonough, GA. My daughter, Zayda who is now 13 months old, was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia SS at just 6 months old.  Tests showed that 68% of her blood was SS already. Before then, she had already had surgery at 3 months old because her intestines were malrotated (twisted).  So when her doctor told me that she was diagnosed SS, it totally devastated my husband Andre and I. 

 The doctors offered NO HOPE.   All they could offer was lifetime medications (some new and experimental), all of which come with serious side affects.  Their treatments also included, blood transfusions, frequent hospitalizations, bone marrow transplants, all of which I could not picture my very small new born child going through.  I immediately knew that a small child's body was not equipped to filter out strong drugs!  I prayed to GOD and said "Father, I know that you are a healer and I know that there has to be ANOTHER way.  Please show it to me. In Jesus' name, Amen"  After which, I began doing research and learned that Africans & Jamaicans diagnosed with Sickle Cell hardly ever have problems because of the foods they consume.  Then I ran across your website and it MADE SENSE.  "DIOSCOVITE" offered me hope. I remember reading about it and has since then have met people in person using "Dioscovite" who has had no pain crisis and living normal healthy lifestyles.  I am very excited because it's all natural and has NO SIDE AFFECTS. At the Sickle Cell Clinic here in GA, all the doctors could show me was SICK and under weight children who were following "their" plan of drugs and suffering from the side affects of them.

At the time I ordered "Dioscovite," little baby Zayda was 6 months old and  had already been hospitalized twice due to Sickle Cell Anemia. Her  hemoglobin was 5.4.  Her small hands and little feet had swollen up like balloons (the sign in infants of blood sickling) and caused so much pain that she couldn't even stand on her feet. She would holler and cry if you touched them.  Her energy level was at an all time low.  All she would do was lay around and sleep all day.  She had no appetite and was very under weight.  I had a trip planned to go out of the country but I was so afraid to leave her side. 

 Dr. Agbai, when I talked to you at that time your were very kind, patient, and informative.  You possessed two things that the medical doctors didn't and that was "DIOSCOVITE" and HOPE!  You were so confident about your products.  Thank you so much for shipping them overnight!

 Zayda's hands and feet had been swollen for over 2 weeks.  After taking "Dioscovite" for just 2 days her hands and feet returned to its NORMAL state!  I was able to travel out of the country with absolutely no worries because I knew "Dioscovite" would keep her from sickling. She's a year old now and her hands and feet has not swollen since!  Which means that her blood has not sickled since!  Not just that, her hemoglobin went from 5.4 to 8.6.  Her energy level is off the hook!  She is all over the place! She has a very healthy appetite.  She is gaining weight very well. She actually loves her African diet!  She eats organic fresh fruits and veggies daily. She drinks fresh carrot and beet juice and of course, "Tahitian Noni Juice" every single day. 

 Friends and many of our family does not even have a clue about Zayda and Sickle Cell because she has had no symptoms or signs of the disorder.  Zayda has not been hospitalized since! As a matter of fact when she goes for her normal check ups at the Sickle Cell clinic, she doesn't even fit in with the rest of the sick children.  She seems to be the only child that's bright eyed, happy, healthy, and full of energy in the waiting area.  Zayda has been absolutely medication free since she has was diagnosed because of "Dioscovite!"

  I bless God daily for this miracle in our lives.  Thank you so much Dr. Agbai, may GOD continue to bless your life changing discovery!  I'll definitely keep you posted on little Zayda's well being.  I am very confident that they will be Great updates!


 Martha L Park

McDonough, GA


Greetings Dr Agbai,

This is Martha Park again. I just want to start out by saying, thank you so much for being there for myfamily throughout the years. As promised, I wanted to take the time to give you the latest updates on our daughter, Zayda who was diagnosed with SS as an infant.Zayda is now six years old and doing extremely well thanks to God and your heaven sent discovery,Dioscovite. I’m extremely excited to report that her lastest physical exam, reported a whopping 10.5hemoglobin! She continues to take Dioscovite daily, follow your diet plan, drink Tahitian Noni Bio-activeBeverages daily as well as drink water, water, water.Zayda has never had a sickle cell crisis since my last letter to you which was over five years ago. Shehas had absolutely zero pain throughout the years nor other manifestations due to sickle cell anemia. Her energy level is set continuously on “Super Active” every single day. Sometimes I must say that she’s so hyper that we have to make her take a nap. Trust me, I’m not complaining because I remember how she would just sleep all day because of low blood when she was first diagnosed with sickle cell. She doesall the activities as other children her age such as: run, jump, swim, travel, and riding her bike often.Zayda’s weight is maintaining within the “normal” range for her age. The white of her eyes are snowwhite. Her spleen is still in place and not swollen and neither is her liver swollen. Overall, Zayda is in good health and living a normal lifestyle. All glory to our Father in heaven for giving you the revelation on how to beat sickle cell!I also wanted to report an incident that happened a couple of years ago when Florida had the “wild fires”.Well, the smoke in the air caused many people to wheeze severely and they had to go to the hospital fortreatment. Unfortunately, Zayda was also included in having to go to the hospital because of wheezingfrom the smoke. When her oxygen levels were tested, they found that only 85% of oxygen was gettingto her blood. She was given breathing treatments as well as antibiotics as a precaution for infection.Doctors were amazed that she showed no signs of “pain crisis” due to the limited amount of oxygengetting to her blood. In fact, when her blood test came back, they showed that she had no infection (thank God) but amazingly the amount of cells that were sickled was “low”. WOW! Needless to say, she was released from the hospital that very next morning.Our family is very grateful for this good report. You have been a blessing to us from the day we met you.Thank you for your caring advice and honesty throughout the years. We continue to take one day at atime with Zayda. We don’t let a day go by without giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for her life thatHe created and her good health that He promised. May God continue to bless your mission to help the world with Dioscovite.Unlimited blessings to you and your family.

Martha Park (Please, see first testimony below, thanks)

Martha Park 3-2011


I, Martha Park, give Dr. Agbai, permission to publish this letter on his websites or any written material pertaining to Dioscovite.





(770) 419-4471

(770) 419-4473 FAX


FROM: -------------

DATE: March 15,2007










The identity of the writes are deleted for confidentiality.


Subject: Hope for sickle cell anemia children

16 October 199B

Why should a black U.S. child born with SCA (sickle cell anemia) face grave health threats but an African child with SCA not be threatened?

A Canadian mother (Maureen Henry) tells us about sickle cell anemia:

"My son -----was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. According to Western medicine, it is an incurable, life-threatening disease, discovered- in 1910 in the United States. At present, Western science has very little understanding of it.

Sickle cell anemia is an inherited anemia in which large numbers or most of the blood cells are crescent-shaped rather than the normal kidney shape. The sickled cells tend to clog narrow blood vessels because of their shape. The Clogging prevents blood and oxygen getting to vital 'organs, causing excruciating

                                                                                                                  pain in various parts of the body." (1)       .

Since --------, was born with SCA, she was forced to investigate this disease. One of her sources was Dr. Oji Agbai, a researcher living in the U.S. According to Dr. Agbai, on a per capita basis, SCA "is most prevalent in Greece." "Dr. Agbai's thesis is that certain people are genetically disposed to thiocyanate deficiency (a deficiency of vitamin -, - a necessary component to healthy blood cells)."

Did --------- find a cure? Yes, it's called food (+herbs +supplements). "I bought a waffle iron and we make waffles with buckwheat, quinoa, and spelt flour. Carrots are rich in thiocyanate so ------- drinks carrot and beet juice daily. He enjoys curried lentils and rice, so I make that for dinner about three times a week." .c •• "I restrict the amount of non-traditional foods, especially junk foods, soft drinks and whatever has no nutritional value."

What is -----  health status now? "He almost never gets sick, save for the occasional cold in the winter time. He has had only two very mild pain crises in the past year, and those were gone as soon as they came. Since we put him on Dr. Agbai's thiocyanate solution and gave him the prickly ash tree bark daily, he has not had any crises."

-------- and husband live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. See the P.S. section of this article for a list of foods that Mrs. ------ lists as being rich in thiocyanate.

How should 'conventional' medicine react to this success story? There are two possibilities:'

1. assert that --------- success with avoiding the effects of sickle cell anemia is simply anecdotal evidence and do nothing

2. try the Agbai remedy on children of consenting parents


Traditional Food is Still the Best Medicine -- Dealing with sickle cell anemia, Maureen Henry, Alive, 1998 (September); 191 :70-71

[ALIVE is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada (tel. (604) 435-1919))]

Best Regards,

Mike Richmond

. P.S. Foods Rich in Thiocyanate (according to Maureen Henry):

African yam, alfalfa'sprouts, apricot, bamboo shoot, banana, bitter almond, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, buckwheat, buffalo berry, cabbage, carrot, cassava, cauliflower, cherry, chickpea,

c1oudberry, elderberry, flaxseed, kohlrabi,

lentils, lima bean, macadamia nuts,

millet, mustard green, peaches, plantain,

plums, radish sprouts, raspberry; red clover, rutabaga, salmonberry, sorghum, strawberry, turnips

Our thanks to Mike Richmond for supplying this article

City:Cleveland Heights

My name is ---- and I just had to take the time to sit down and write our testimonial about Dioscovite. I would first like to say that I am 100% a real person, I was not asked to write this letter, and I would never lie to anyone about something as serious as sickle cell disease. My wife and I have 4 children, with which 2 of them have the SS form of the disease; our daughter is 5 years old and our son is 19 months old. I have to say that we have not had any problems with our daughter (other than she is on the small side), but our son developed an enlarged spleen at around 12 months old. The hospital gave him a blood transfusion and the spleen went down. Within 6 weeks, we were back at the hospital for transfusions. This went on for about 5 months and his spleen remained swollen the whole time. The swollen spleen meant that his blood was being trapped within the spleen, and not being circulated properly through his body; this is very serious and can be life threatening! We were so scared, and frustrated with the doctors. The doctors told us that (we had) to put him on chronic transfusions and he was going to have to have his spleen removed at 2 years old. We were not feeling any of this at all! Ok, let???s get to the good part. We went into the hospital on December 19, 2009, for another blood transfusion; right before Christmas. We were released from the hospital on Christmas Eve. We started giving both of our children Dioscovite on December 26th 2008. Within two weeks, we thought our son???s spleen was shrinking, but after one month we were sure, because it shrank by about 60%. We took him to the doctor for his check-up and they said, ???I guess that last blood transfusion really done the trick". We didn't say a word. The next examinations to follow also showed no sign of an enlarged spleen. We noticed that my sons heart did not beat as hard as used to, he had more energy, he and his sisters eyes were a lot whiter, and my son's diapers were a lot wetter. We went to the hospital today (May 18, 2009 ) and of course no problems with his spleen. The only conclusion that the doctors could come up with is, I guess he has outgrown the condition, or the spleen has died of; neither of which is true. By all rights, the spleen should still be enlarged and he should be getting blood ever 4- 6 weeks. I am telling you, the doctors are baffled; this should not be happening. My son???s condition was getting worse and and now it has improved 360 degrees. Coincidence? I don???t think so! My son???s spleen began to shrink within days, the doctors couldn???t get it to shrink with blood, nor did they have any other suggestions. Dioscovite worked miraculously for our son, I pray it does the same for you!


Dear Doctor,

A few years ago I purchased the supplement for sickle cell' anemia . . ""

The product was for my daughter, who has recently passed away. She was not able to use the product, and you had warned me about iron overload. You advised me to warn her doctor, and I did. The doctor took no heed to my warning. Last year in 2003, the doctor decided that she ,had developed the iron overload from too many transfusions. You warned us about 3 years ago. I thought her doctor would have apologized for his error. but he didn't. But I do appreciate your effort to save her life, and I much respect you,r work,

 I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to seek an attorney. The doctor placed her on a no resuscitation order without consulting me or telling my daughter her outcome. At first, the doctor was giving her medication to remove the iron, but was to take months to correct: The doctor removed the medication without telling me why. Therefore, I lost my child.

I buried her a year ago in October. I am still puzzled about what happened while she was under this doctor's care. There is so much about sickle cell that isn't addressed besides writing on death certificate, that death was caused by sickle anemia.

 Do you think that it's too late to have a medical examiner look into why she died? I would appreciate your input if you have time_ If you know of an attorney in your area that is trained on sickle cell, and could represent me, let me know.



 What Dr. Agbai wrote at the side of the above letter was the following: He asked why did the little girl not use dioscovite? Dr. Agbai went  on to say that she should have used dioscovite and live instead of dying from transfusion and iron overload.



Best results are achieved by anti-sickling nutritional supplementation (Dioscovite) and avoidance of environmental stress, such as conditions that cause sickle cell crises.


To maximize the efficacy of Dioscovite in preventing sickle cell crises, please, avoid the following known causes of sickle cell crises:


  1. Acidosis
  2. Alcoholism
  3. Emotional stress
  4. Fatigue           
  5. Exhaustion
  6. Local stases-obstruction of circulation
  7. Respiratory infection
  8. Parasitic infection-bacterial, viral
  9. Transfusion reaction
  10. Insect bites
  11. Pheumonitis
  12. Diarrhea
  13. Enema
  14. Fever, as much as possible 
  15. Severe exercise and swimming in a cold water or getting chills after swimming.
  16. Shock
  17. General anesthesia
  18. Long time exposure to cold or hot temperature
  19. High altitude
  20. Prolonged anger
  21. Junk foods. (These include all kinds of soda, coffee, cows’ milk, instead, drink soy milk, 100% fruit juices and of course water.)
  22. unbalanced diet 
  23. Drugs of abuse
  24. Oxidants (Avoiding radiation exposure, not smoking or avoiding areas of volatile chemicals, etc., can make a difference at the level of contact with oxidizing species).
  25. Folic acid deficiency
  26. Thiocyanate deficiency
  27. Vitamin B Complex deficiency (especially B6)
  28. Multimineral deficiency
  29. Antioxidant deficiency
  30. Zinc deficiency
  31. If you eat three times, you must have bowel movement three times, in other words, there must not be constipation because it will inhibit the absorption of dioscovite. To enhance this eat raw fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, carrots apples, oranges, before eating cooked food. If constipation is present, eat raw broccoli or carrots more.
  32. Incorrect use of Dioscovite (This means that Dioscovite must be put in the soup or water that will not be left over but  not in pop , and should not be taken straight (For better test and better absorption). In other words, it must not be taken by itself. It must be taken at least two hours before or after any medication, vitamins, minerals, etc.


Oji Agbai, ND., PhD.

(Dioscovite inventor)

President Natural Health Research Institute Community Impact Group, Inc..

P O BOX 8355

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74101




The information and opinions expressed here are believed to be accurate, based on the best judgment available to the author, and readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. In addition, the information and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of all health practitioners. The Natural Health Research Institute Community Impact Group, Inc, acknowledges occasional differences in opinion and welcomes the exchange of different viewpoints. This entity is not responsible for errors or omissions. This email and any files transmitted with it are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you have received this email by mistake, delete it, you should not disseminate, distribute or copy it.. Please notify the sender immediately via email to remove you from the list. Copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. Thank You.



Healthy - Contact us in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to purchase nutritional products for sickle cell anemia, diabetes, and cancer.

Intial Email from client's niece:

THEY HAVE GIVEN MY AUNT UP FOR DEAD!!!! Please help. She has sickle cell and is hanging on as we speak she is a FIGHTER!  We owe it to her to give your solution a try. We have nothing to lose but her so I am hopeful you can help. I want to know if you can send it same day or overnight a supply to us COD (Cash On Delivery) only because we have so little time. My name is Angela Body, I live at ..., my phone number is... My aunt ... has raised all my siblings and is the only family member with no children. So means the world to us. PLEASE HELP!!!


Atlanta Georgia

Follow Up Email

Hello Doctor Agbai.
I hope you remember me. My name is ...(Atlanta, GA) and I spoke with you regarding my aunt who was in the hospital with a very bad crisis. Well her 2 month stay came to an end and she was not even registering on the oxygen machine. The Doctors said she would be gone any moment. So the family came down and said their goodbyes and basically waited. While she was in there we gave her the two drops a day because we only had the one bottle. Aloe vera too. Some noni juice toward the end. they gave her as long as they could and finally gave her 4 containers of blood which was not a match. then they ran out of blood and told us to prepare ourselves. Well I went to see her and she was all swollen and her kidneys and liver were being harmed by the drugs so since they had done all they could do, they took her off everything and sent her to another floor to die. So we waited and waited and waited and waited and I felt we had done everything we could with the drops and the rest was up to God. Well, her blood was down to 2 point something and she could barely talk and stay awake. but the next day they checked her blood and it was up to 4. then it went up to 4.3.
4.5 is her normal level so she started sitting up and staying awake and eating. Then they moved her to the recovery room. and checked it again and it was 4.3. SO they sent her home though she was very weak. The doctors are very familiar with her because they have been working with her for about 15 years in the sickle cell clinic. they came in and gave her a thumbs up. Said her blood was going up. So she came home after 2 months and rested and her legs were swollen (still are a little) but she started giving her self the drops and went to get her blood check 2 days ago and Doctor Agbai her blood was 7.3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
her doctor came in to check her liver which has been swollen since she was a young girl and it has shrunk to normal size. Her doctor's face was shocked and he said "I cannot find your liver" . It has always been enlarged. her abdominal area, which has always been swollen since I can remember, is no longer swollen. This is the shocker part, her blood has never been above 5. And when she reached 5 it would always fall to 4 point something. The doctors are pink in the face. Amazed! She wanted me to be the first to know and wanted me to tell you about it and to tell you thank you. My prayer for her was to be given a testimony and let the later part of her life be greater than the former health wise. And God answered my prayer and my families prayers. We are going to give your ontact information to the two other amily members with sickle cell. Anyhow she will be ordering more and needs the book as well. We have several people we know with sickle cell. She is really a miracle given how long they have been working with her. Thank you thank you thank you for your work !!!!!


Contact us in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to purchase nutritional products
for sickle cell anemia, diabetes, and cancer.