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We plan on providing you with important information on living and thriving with Sickle Cell Anemia with Dioscovite! We will publish important information on a quarterly basis about the different minerals and vitamins, along with important lifestyle considerations that are important to optimize health alongside Dioscovite.  Therefore you would not only stop sickle cell crisis and  stop sickle cell pain we would put you in the best position to achieve other important goals such as increasing the blood count, and maintaining good overall health.  We also hope to bring you success stories of those who now are living a pain free life with Dioscovite.

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You Can Break The Grip of Opioid Drugs Too!


Tip of the Week February & March 2019 Monthly Recap

You Can Break the Grip of Opioid Drugs Too!


Week/Part 1

Tip of the Week: You too can break the grip opioids have on you!


Summary:  In this edition of our Tip of the Week Newsletter we discuss the story of a real client of ours who we will call “Isabella.”  She is a young woman back in 2002 (aged 29) who was suffering from Sickle Cell Anemia.  Below is Her Story:

In late 2002, a 29 year old woman Isabella (Name changed for privacy) felt that she was at the end of her life.  Isabella had Sickle Cell Anemia (SS), and was originally from Uganda. She made it to the Boston area where she endured continuous crises that had her in and out of the hospital for approximately 10 months. She was started on Hydroxy Urea, which caused her to lose most of her hair and made her very weak.  Furthermore she developed antibodies to the continued blood transfusions, and had to discontinue them or risk a deadly reaction. She was kept on many different pain killers, mostly opioids, to the point it reached 10 different pills. 

Despite this regimen, Isabella’s pain was intractable.  It was so unrelenting that she requested euthanasia.  Furthermore she was suffering from hip avascular necrosis which made her unable to walk.  The effects of the disease and the drugs brought her to the point that she could no longer walk, take care of herself, or even hold up a cup of water. The plan of her medical team was to move her into a nursing home.  A nursing home at 29 years of age, that was their plan! 

Isabella was fed up with her condition, even with life.  She felt as if she was at the point of death and decided to travel to Oklahoma, where she had a sister who was a nurse.  Her plan was that she was ready to die, and planned to have her sister arrange for her burial in her native Uganda. 

When she got to Oklahoma, she met a man named Robert who was a friend of Dr. Agbai.  Robert convinced Isabella to try Dioscovite.  She reluctantly agreed to do so.  When Dr. Agbai got involved he helped her to begin Dioscovite.  She also stopped all her opioid medications and hydroxyl urea at once! She was started on a Double dose of Dioscovite(The dosage reserved for Crisis), consumed plenty of fruits vegetables, and water. Within 5 days, she was pain free. Her blood count (Hgb) rose from 7.0 to 10.5.  She was also able to walk again.  After those 5 days were up, she went back to a regular dosage of Dioscovite.  She was able to take a job as a home health aid (fairly rigorous job), and was doing well thereafter.


Week/Part 2

Tip of the Week:Opioids aren’t really helping you


We did a recap of “Isabella’s” story from the previous week.  In this part of the series we looked at 2 key reasons why Opiates may have failed to work work for Isabella, and we reviewed why it was necessary for Isabella to stop these opioids in order to receive true healing with Dioscovite.  We then began the discussion on how she stopped the opioids.

The main point from this is that opioids did not do anything to stop the underlying disease of Sickle Cell Anemia, and neither did it do anything really for her pain. The reason for this is because she developed Tolerance to the opioids.  That means that the opioids no longer have the pain relieving effect that they once was.  We also stated that  it is was very possible that the opioids made the pain worse by causing Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia.  We cover this topic in our Newsletter recap (Why Opiates Actually Make Sickle Cell Pain Worse).

The next point is how Isabella finally got her healing with Dioscovite.  Opioids cause opioid induced constipation.  Please read our blog to learn more about why this impedes the absorption of Dioscovite.  For this reason, Opioids Must be stopped to achieve healing and elimination of sickle cell pain and crisis with Dioscovite!  Furthermore, Sickle Cell Anemia patients are routinely dying from opioid overdose.  For these reasons she discontinued all her opioid medications(and hydroxyurea) at once.  She then went on to take Dioscovite at a double dose for the next 5 days.  During this period of time she did not have any withdrawal symptoms.

The approach of our client was to stop the opioids altogether.  We can’t say what you should do, because it may be that you or your loved one is dependent/addicted to the opioids.  If you feel like you can stop it at home (even cold turkey), that is an option (only you can make that decision, read the article and be as prepared as possible.  Email us at dioscoviteinfo@gmail.com if you have questions). If you are physically dependent you may talk to your doctor about coming off the opioid medications.  You need to be affirmative that you want to come off,  Just tell them you want to move to non opioid pain killers like Ibuprofen etc.  They should support you in this given how dangerous opioids are.  They should help you taper off these medications if you choose to go that route.


Week/Part 3

Tip of the Week:You must stop the opioids to gain healing with Dioscovite!  You’ll be glad you did!


In this part, we discuss how Dioscovite brought healing, we continued discussing why stopping the opiates was necessary (along with starting or intensifying a high fiber/enzyme diet).  We then describe the regimen of Dioscovite we recommend for this specific situation.  Finally, we continued the discussion of how “Isabella” stopped the opiates.

What about the pain? Because Dioscovite stops the red blood cells from sickling, the very source of the pain and crisis is stopped, and therefore Dioscovite is the most effective pain killer for Sickle Cell Anemia pain in the world.  So once Isabella stopped the Opioids and started on Dioscovite,  Dioscovite started to be absorbed into the system.  Specifically Dioscovite was absorbed in the intestines into the blood stream.  This is in conjunction with increasing fiber/enzyme intake along with water intake to help clear the bowels and improve regularity.  As the Toxic effects of opioids were diminished and the bowels were cleared, Dioscovite had the opportunity to be absorbed and reach the red blood cells in the bloodstream. There Dioscovite exerts its Anti-sickling activity.

In terms of increasing fiber/enzyme intake: Broccoli with coconut oil works very well in this regard.  It is Best to take this first thing in the morning raw, then afterwards take Dioscovite 2 mg for an adult (take the full daily dose according to directions on the bottle according to age).  In this specific situation wait till approximately 6 pm and take the next full dose. Dioscovite works to boost one’s energy, so we generally recommend that clients avoid taking it at bed time, otherwise they may have difficulty sleeping.  This double dose regimen is typically reserved for crisis, however we know that if someone is on a significant amount of opioids, they have a lot of pain, and thus must start off on a double dose of Dioscovite. Please email us if you have any questions at dioscoviteinfo@gmail.com.

Opioids must be stopped in order for Dioscovite to begin to have a chance at absorption.  Because she stopped the opioids immediately, she received healing within 5 days.  It was more rapid for her because the opioids left her system quicker.  If there is a taper from the opioids, it may take longer for full relief to come.  Just keep at it with the double dose and it will.  While Isabella did not experience this, When someone is on a heavy dose of opioids there is a possibility of withdrawal symptoms. We talk about this in the next part.  


Week/Part 4

Tip of the Week:You must stop the opioids to gain healing with Dioscovite!  You’ll be glad you did!


This part we will discuss what to do about potential withdrawal symptoms, and why it is important to detoxify from opioids.
“Isabella” did not experience any withdrawal symptoms.  Many people with sickle cell anemia who stop opioids won’t either.  So many can consider stopping the opioids at home.  Their main fear is the pain, which is addressed by Dioscovite being started at a double dose.  However, some may have withdrawal symptoms and it is best to be prepared.  Be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. In very few cases one may develop vomiting, or diarrhea.  These can be managed at home, but the concern arises if it became unstoppable.  In these cases, one should seek medical attention.  
The opioid crisis that is going on in the United States is a well reported ongoing crisis.  In medical school and residency, doctors are supposed to be taught that less dangerous options for pain relief are preferred (if not required) before turning to opioid medications. People who start opioids for legitimate reasons still end up overdosing and dying from these medications. As many are being advised to stop opioid use as a public health outreach, people affected with sickle cell anemia should as well.  There are more and more people with sickle cell who are overdosing on opioids, and the way these overdoses occur is unique to sickle cell disease. We will talk about this in a future series (we have seen this happen a number of times).   
Dioscovite is the nontoxic, non addicting, natural option you have now before you as a person with Sickle Cell Anemia.  According to prudent practice, Dioscovite should be used prior to opioids.  We hope you now know that it is possible and important to break the grip of opioids over your life.  In the next week/part we will cover the powerful letter that “Isabella” wrote to Dr. Agbai 2 years after she attained healing with Dioscovite!



Week/Part 5

Tip of the Week: Please read the remarkable letter from “Isabella”[Name changed for privacy] to Dr Agbai in her own words!


In this Part, “Isabella” updates us about her progress in a letter just over 2 years after she initially received her incredible healing with Dioscovite!

“February 16, 2005
Dear Dr. Agbai
My name is “Isabella” N.  I found out about Dioscovite after spending almost ten months in an out of the hospital for sickle cell crisis in 2002.  I was so weak at that time.  Somebody had to hold me to help me walk, and my hair had fallen out.  I had trouble eating, I had a very poor appetite, and my doctor recommended me to go to a rehabilitation center.  That is when I found out about Dioscovite through a friend of my sister. She requested me to just give Dioscovite a try.  At that time, all I wanted was to die.  Anyhow, I agreed to give Dioscovite a try.  After only five days, my strength came back for the first time in five months. I was able to walk without help, and I was able to feel hungry and ask for food.  Eating has always been a problem for me.  But now, I can eat a whole plate of food and finish it.  I have noticed that Dioscovite gives me an appetite.  In addition, Dioscovite has raised my blood count from 7.0 to 10.5 in just five days! I have since had strength.  My frequent sickle cell crises have stopped because of Dioscovite.  My hair grew back.  I started working full time and even driving.  I thank God for Dioscovite.
Before I started taking Dioscovite, I used to take about ten types of medicines a day.  Now, I don’t have to take those medications anymore. Thanks to Dioscovite.  What impressed me most, two years after starting Dioscovite use, is that I changed to another Doctor to follow up on my health. His name is M. G, MD.  He is very supportive of me using Dioscovite.  He says that the ingredients in Dioscovite actually do raise the blood count.  
I am now healthy and happy after using Dioscovite for over 2 years without any toxic effect. Dioscovite is an effective safe remedy for sickle cell.  Thank you Dr. Agbai.
“Isabella” N.”
Wow.  To hear “Isabella’s” Journey in the beginning, middle and end (in her own words) was amazing.  In the next part week we will conclude our series.  


Week/Part 6

Tip of the Week: The choice to have faith in your own healing is yours!


As we concluded this series, we reflected on the amazing healing that “Isabella” experienced with Dioscovite.  It was a healing that certainly required a leap of faith.  When she was presented with the option to try Dioscovite she hesitated.  But when she made the decision, she committed to completely changing her outlook and way of life.  She stopped her other medications, especially the opioids.  She committed to going down a natural healthy lifestyle.  
If you or a loved one are in Isabella’s position on using Dioscovite, please understand that if you decide to do so, please do it as we have suggested.  It is necessary to do what basically amounts to a 180 degree turn. Holding on to opioids, and attempting to do half and half is often met with failure.  That’s because opioids are very toxic, and the human body is not functioning as it should.  
Decide to choose the natural, effective option: Dioscovite!
The End
Thank you for reading!



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