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How often should I take Dioscovite®?
You should be taking Dioscovite every single day. It works best prophylactically meaning its best taken to prevent sickling and stop sickle cell pain . The reason for this is that Dioscovite binds irreversibly to your Red Blood Cell Hemoglobin as it is being produced. Once it binds to the Hemoglobin, this prevents the cell from sickling. That cell is preserved. However your bone marrow continues to produce more and more Red Blood Cells on a routine basis. The other Red Blood Cells being produced will still sickle unless Dioscovite binds to it. For this reason Dioscovite should be taken on a daily continuous Basis.

How much Dioscovite should I take?
The information is available on the bottle. Our recommended amount is the following:

  • ½ to 3 years: 0.5ml once daily (preferably in the morning after bowel movement)
  • 4-8 years: 1.0 ml once daily (preferably in the morning after bowel movement)
  • 9-18 years: 1.5 ml once daily (preferably in the morning after bowel movement)
  • 19 years: 2.0 ml once daily (preferably in the morning after bowel movement)

Why are we recommending taking Dioscovite in the morning after bowel movement? See the next FAQ! There is a concept called biochemical individuality. This means sometimes our biochemical profile may require something a bit different from the recommended dosage. While a lot of adults for instance can take the two “1 ml squirts” and be symptom free, some may need three “1ml squirts.” Take it as you need it. The maximum that we recommend per day is 4- 1ml squirts.

I took Dioscovite (even the maximum dose) and still feel Pain what is going on?
One major issue to look out for is the bowel regimen. Dioscovite is absorbed mostly in the small and large intestine. Therefore if excess stool is located in your intestines, the Dioscovite would be absorbed into the stool. The more absorbed into your stool, the less that is absorbed into your blood stream where your red blood cells are located. Without Dioscovite reaching your blood, your Hemoglobin sickles causing pain/complications.

That is why it is imperative to make sure you are regular. At a minimum you should be consuming at least 10 grams of fiber every day, and drinking at least 8 cups of water. This can be achieved utilizing fruits and vegetables. This is absolutely essential. If you don’t get the full 10 grams of fiber through this route, it is recommended that you fill the gap with fiber supplements. Ensuring 4-6 mg of fiber consumed with your dinner works particularly well.

To ensure that your daily dose is absorbed maximally, it is recommended that you take it in the morning, after you have had your typical morning bowel movement. Its best to avoid any other medication within 2 hours. That way it will be maximally absorbed, and you can experience the best results.
Constipation is the number one issue affecting the efficacy of Dioscovite. Other potential issues may be anything that precipitates sickling. Dehydration, Alcohol (Which causes Dehydration etc), too much exposure to cold are others to watch out for.

Finally look for any new medication, new food, or new herbal remedy/supplement that you started newly. The body can react differently to any of the above. In order to stop sickle cell crisis it is important to keep note of anything altering the health, and wholeness that should always be yours on Dioscovite.

Does Dioscovite have any side effects?
For the past 30 years, we have not received any reports of side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, fever, nausea, stomach pain, or headache.  To reiterate, Dioscovite has never been reported to produce any of these side effects.  If someone were to take one of the active ingredients of our product, multiply it by 10 (for example), and ingested that, then of course they may start to have side effects.  This is true of everything in existence.  Drink too much water even and this would be a problem.  Doesn’t mean that we should stop drinking water.  The question should be, does Dioscovite cause side effects at the recommended dosage? It does not happen.  If anyone tries to tell you that our product, Dioscovite, causes side effects, they are wrong.  We strongly advise, that you look up the side effects of whatever they are promoting.  These side effects of their drugs occur at the dosage that is being prescribed, not after multiplying the amount by i.e. 10.  Then ask them about those side effects and see what they say.  You will have a very interesting perspective into their motives.  Join our newsletter and we will discuss this more.  Please notify us at if you encounter any such misinformation or if you have questions or concerns.

In addition to its sickling properties, Dioscovite also works to fight infection.  So very rarely, an adult starting Dioscovite may have some residual traces of a prior infection(s), such as a pneumonia.  What may happen is Dioscovite may actually destroy the residual infectious bacteria or other microbes living in the body.  If this happens the body of the individual will work to remove the now dead infectious bacteria or other microbe.  This may overwhelm the lymphatic system and the individual may experience a mild sore throat for instance.  Or they may even have the bacteria removed through the skin and this may cause some break outs.  This process is called a “healing crisis” and it is actually a good thing, though it may cause some mild discomfort that lasts 1 or 2 days.  But after this time, the body is cleared of this residual infection, and the healing crisis is over.  Again this is a very rare occurrence.  This is the only “side effect” we have ever gotten a report about for Dioscovite.  We actually don’t consider it a side effect given the fact that people with sickle cell anemia are in great danger of infection, and Dioscovite helps people with sickle cell anemia overcome this issue as well.  We only include this information to be as transparent as possible.

If I skip Dioscovite (not recommended) and somehow end up in sickle cell pain/crisis will Dioscovite still help me?
Dioscovite has the capability to reverse sickling and stop sickle cell crisis . In such a setting you would take double your regular dose. However as mentioned above, Dioscovite works best when taken on a daily basis in a preventative manner. As mentioned above, its best to ascertain your regular dose and stick with it every day.

If I am on Dioscovite should I still take Hydroxyurea and/or continue to receive blood transfusions?
Ultimately the health of every patient is their decision. When we provide advice, it is not meant to substitute the advice from your physician. That being said, many of our clients do not take Hydroxyurea anymore once they have decided to switch to Dioscovite. Dioscovite accomplishes the task of stopping sickle cell pain , by preventing sickling without the side effects. So for our clients the choice is simple, Dioscovite alone. We encourage you to do what is best for you, it is your right.

In regard to blood transfusions, most of our clients no longer receive these on a regular basis as is often the case in the conventional treatment of Sickle Cell Anemia. To increase the Hemoglobin level, we recommend a diet high in protein, in addition to vitamins and minerals like folic acid. The Basal Metabolic Rate of a person with Sickle Cell is high because the body is producing red blood cells at an increased rate. So it is important to give the body what it needs. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by emailing us at or you may call us during our normal business hours.

Many of our Clients have seen their Hemoglobin rise while on Dioscovite. But it may not necessarily rise to what is considered normal. As you may have heard, whatever the hemoglobin level is for a person with sickle cell is normal for them! Therefore know your baseline hemoglobin level. If you are able to go about your life regularly at that level, it is our opinion that there is no reason you need to be transfused above that level. Many physicians familiar with treating Sickle Cell Patients will also agree. Virtually all of our clients using Dioscovite have experienced an exceptional level of energy while using it, regardless of their baseline hemoglobin level.

Can I take Dioscovite when I am pregnant?
Yes, Dioscovite is safe during Pregnancy at its therapeutic dose as listed.

When should my newborn with Sickle Cell Start Taking Discovite?
As you may know a newborn child with Sickle Cell Anemia (and all children) begins life producing Fetal Hemoglobin or Hemoglobin F. This Hemoglobin type does not sickle. The level of Hemoglobin F in a newborn child remains high until about 6 months of age. At this point, the child’s bone marrow starts producing more and more Hemoglobin S. It is at this time that the child should be started on Dioscovite. We have had numerous clients who have followed this approach with excellent results.

Why is Dioscovite so Expensive?
In our opinion Dioscovite is actually inexpensive compared to the lifestyle of many people with sickle cell suffering in the hospital. When the appropriate dose for each client is taken on a daily basis, as well as avoiding the problems that can decrease Dioscovite’s efficacy mentioned above, our clients have been able to pursue normal lives and have lived pain free! While living these lives they have not had the need to go to the hospital for any Sickle Cell Related issue. Please see our testimonials. In one of the testimonials you will see how one visit cost a father thousands of dollars, and their child was not even helped. Avoiding pain, suffering, and huge hospital bills is what one can achieve through the use of Dioscovite. We do offer discounts when you buy in bulk (6 bottles or more), and promotional discounts from time to time.

What other vitamins and minerals should I take with Dioscovite?
We recommend folic acid at least 2-5 mg per day. There are definitely other vitamins and minerals we recommend. We have listed an overview of them below. Remember that Dioscovite should be taken in water 2 hours before or after all vitamins and minerals. We will discuss the how and why of each of these below individually in our newsletter. Please be sure to sign up to receive it.

  • Folic Acid 2-5 mg per Day
  • Diet with adequate Meat to ensure adequate Vitamin B12 intake
  • Copper 2mg per Day
  • Zinc 50mg- 100 mg per Day (In the morning or early Afternoon. Zinc competes with Copper for absorption so Zinc should be taken at least 8 hours separately from Copper)
  • Magnesium 250 mg per Day
  • Selenium 100 mcg per Day
  • Vitamin B6/B-Complex
  • Vitamin E

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