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Parnel Abraham

“Hello Everybody, my name is Parnel Abraham. I am the President of the Sickle Cell Support Group which is part of the foundation herein the state of Georgia. I am going to tell you information about Dioscovite that we do use here and we do recommend to a lot of our patients our sickle cell patients.

I am also a sickle cell patient myself. I do suffer from Sickle Cell Disease, SS. I do use the Dioscovite on a daily basis as far as for health maintenance. The reason I use this particular product, and tell people about it is for the fact that it is a natural product, there are no side effects, and it has high therapeutic value.

In therapeutic value we are talking about keeping people out of the hospital. So to me that is the strongest point in that particular supplement. And I am letting people know that this is the advantage in using Dioscovite in comparison to all the alternatives that are out there in managing pain management for sickle cell patients. SO therefore once I did here about the Dioscovite, I said this is something that I have to let not only the Support Group Members, but also any Sickle Cell Patients that are suffering from the illness to know that they do have options beside the standard care that maybe a better choice for them in staying healthy without worrying about all the side effects. So definitely its one of the programs that I educate patients on, I tell them about Dioscovite and I give them the option to read and learn about it. And most importantly, its not only reading and learning, but actually taking the product. That is when you are going to make a difference in your health care. Knowing about it is one thing but applying it is another story. So therefore to see results, you have to take it you have to apply it. But there are sometimes doubts, that’s why you read through all of the information and get all the necessary documentation that you may need and take it, but overall for the past, I would say three years so far a lot of the people here at the Support Group have been getting their benefits from it and also outside the support Group. I thank Dr. Agbai for getting in contact with us and giving us the information about Dioscovite and sharing it with others as we are doing now to share other people’s stories, and let them know that they can benefit from Dioscovite!”

Jackaryn Conyers

“My name is Jackaryn Conyers and I am a sickle cell patient, and I have SS. I’ve been using Dioscovite for about probably a year and a half now. I HIGHLY recommend this product. Every time I’m in a Crisis, or I feel like my body is about to go into a Crisis, I would take the Dioscovite, and it helps me a lot. I DON’T have to take ANY PAIN MEDICINE, I go ahead and take it the first moment I am feeling down or feeling hurt and it helps with my pain.”

James Harp

“My Name is James Harp, I’ve been using Dioscovite. See I call it ‘Yam Extract’ I started using it seven years ago. I Basically use it during the winter months, because during the summer I am not that much ill. So Basically I use it by putting it in juice, and I take my minerals with it and some other things, herbs, and vitamins. Basically in the cold weather it is better to prevent sickness from coming on. Its been Good! I recommend it. For young kids, and as you get older its important to learn your body.”

Mary Sweeney

“Hello, My name is Mary Sweeney. My Granddaughter Christine Sweeney has Sickle Cell Anemia, SS. Christine has been with pain, its been like we’ve been living in Egleston Hospital. We could not get six weeks of her being pain free. The first three years of her life, every month we were in Egleston, we basically lived at Egleston. I thank God for the resources I came upon when I came to visit the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation and they Introduced Dioscovite and multiple vitamins. The Dioscovite has changed my life completely. The Dioscovite stops the [sickle cell] pain crisis. And it did do that. We made some major changes with the help of Dr. Richardson. We take Dioscovite faithfully every morning in some juice. It has changed Christine’s Life. She has not been in the Hospital. She has had five years after starting the Dioscovite, Five Years Pain FREE. She said to me one morning: “Grandma stop telling people I have Sickle Cell Anemia, I DON’T HAVE SICKLE CELL NO MORE!” I told her, “You still have it you just don’t have the pain.” It has been a blessing to see her painfree. To Have her live a Normal life like other children.

Christine had a painfree vacation last summer. She went on an overnight outing with the Girl Scouts for the first time after that. And She is living a normal life. And I thank God for the resources and I recommend Dioscovite for the children. Every time I hear about another child, I share Dioscovite with them. I tell them to go to the Sickle Cell Foundation and learn about Dioscovite. I highly recommend Dioscovite. A child should not have to suffer, the way my child did suffer.”

Linda Gay

“Hello, My name is Linda Gay, and I am a Sickle Cell Anemia Patient, and I use Dioscovite on a Daily Basis to help me control my episodes of pain crisis that I go through. Dioscovite eases my pain so that I will not have to go to the Emergency Room. I think it is a wonderful Product to try if you are looking to do something nutritional, and something that is not harmful to your body, and that is safe and nontoxic, I really suggest that you take Dioscovite. Its a Good Product, its not harmful, it increases your red blood cells, it eliminates [sickle cell] pain that you would have on a daily basis, and I highly recommend it to all sickle cell patients. I have been using Dioscovite for fifteen years!”

David Smith

“Hi my name is David Smith. I’ve been Taking Dioscovite for about four months now, I’ve noticed there is a change when I do feel bad as far as what it does for my cells and how it helps me as far as getting out of a pain crisis. I DO highly recommend it. You know, take it with a lot of fluids, a lot of water, its really worked out for me a lot.”

Raye Williams

“My name is Raye Williams. I’ve been taking Dioscovite for about six years. I take it most of the time when I am feeling an ache coming on, in the form of crisis. And I take two of the doses (1mL squirt).”

Timothy Phalo

“Hi my name is Timothy Phalo and I’ve been taking Dioscovite for about five years now. It does wonders for me especially when the season changes. I take it to help prevent me from going into crisis. It helps me mainly more through prevention and I see a difference when I take it and when I don’t take it.”

William Richardson M.D.

“Sickle Cell Anemia or Sickle Cell Disease from the Anemia is actually a group of hemoglobin abnormalities centering around the sickle cell anomaly with the one amino acid change in one of the rings of the Hemoglobin Molecule. And It was actually a survival mechanism to help mostly African People survive epidemics of malaria because the mosquitos did not like the taste of sickle cell blood and therefore were less likely to bite. It also involves Europeans and Italians, the darker Europeans who are in the southern part of Europe. Sickle Cell Manifests much worse in the west because of the weather, changes in weather, the coldness, dampness, and because the diet is deficient in Thiocyanate. When I first started treating sickle cell patients. I developed a friendship with Phillip Oliver who was a geneticist at the sickle cell foundation. He was looking for Doctors to refer sickle cell patients to. So I got a lot of referrals, and I treated a lot of sickle cell patients. I got to know them, learned a lot from them as far as the sensitivities to the weather. All I could give them was hospitalization, drugs, and some transfusions. Of course I would tell them as much as possible about diet, and nutrition. But there was nothing really strong about it. Until a resident from Morehouse Family Practice Department came to me and showed me an article by Dr. Oji Agbai PhD, a clinical biochemist from Oklahoma, and originally from Nigeria himself. A very brilliant man. I read the article with interest I told Mr. Oliver about it and next thing I know we had Dr. Agbai flying to Atlanta, having a meeting with Phillip and myself, next thing I know we have a supplement called Dioscovite supplement. I did initial work in the hospital at Southwest Community Hospital associated with Morehouse University. What I did was have several patients at the hospital at various times an when I may have done a blood transfusion, I gave them Dioscovite. They took it of their own free will. They actually were able to build their blood counts up and abate the need for transfusions, and felt better! So that was my initial introduction to Dioscovite, and I’ve used it ever since.”

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Joseph T. Malak, M.D.

“Dioscovite (thiocyanate) for Sickle Cell Disease

Through the years, I have not cared for very many children with SS (the most severe form of sickle cell anemia) Disease but enough to appreciate that current mainstream treatment typically results in multiple transfusions (often to the point of needing chelation for iron overload), many hospital stays, and painful crises.

Earlier this month, I saw a new patient with a history of SS Disease, a boy in his early teens, who had never been transfused. His dad reported that his hemoglobin level runs around 11. He had two short admissions for fever in early childhood. He was a few pounds lighter than a younger sibling, but had no need for narcotics / never had painful crises.

What was different? This lad had been on a potassium thiocyanate supplement (brand name Dioscovite) through childhood. His dad was also quite nutrition conscious. Back in 1986, a doctor from Little Rock, AR summarized observations that diets that included thiocyanate-rich foods like yam and cassava seemed to ameliorate the severity of sickle cell disease.

Years ago, I recall briefly hearing about this but shrugged it off — assuming that if it really made a difference, it would be in widespread use by pediatric hematologists. Perhaps it would have been cited here on NoBlood as well. Now, after seeing this patient, I would encourage others looking at alternatives to transfusion in sickle cell, to give this supplement (or the dietary strategy) some serious consideration.”

Steve O’Neil, Esq

“May 4, 2015

Dear Dr. Agbai,

I received the package I ordered with the Dioscovite, thank you very much for the additional information you provided me.

In our conversation I mentioned about my daughter and her recent illness. Let me give you the details.

I have both a son and a daughter with sickle cell ss disease. I learned about your product while living in the Virgin Islands and doing my research on the internet after I found out my daughter was positive during prenatal testing. I purchased your product and my daughter has been on Dioscovite since 6 months of age. My son who was born about two years later and is also positive has been on Dioscovite sine he was six months. They are now ages 5 and 3 and both are doing well and have never had a sickle cell episode (Thank God).

Recently in the month of January, a stomach virus was going around this area. My daughter caught this virus and couldn’t keep much food down for over 3 days. She was vomiting and also had the runs. Because of her illness, I took her to the Emergency Room. Her hemoglobin levels were 6.4 at the time (Her normal is around 8.0 because of the sickle cell). They didn’t do much for her, but recommended pediolite, which I was already giving her. The bill for this visit was around $500.00.

Two days later, I took her to another hospital for a previously arranged sickle cell specialist visit. Her hemoglobin levels had dropped to 5.4 and the doctor being concerned requested I return the following day for some blood work in case a transfusion was necessary. I asked what they were going to do for her and they replied nothing except draw her blood in case she needed a transfusion.

I went home after the visit and gave my daughter a double dose of Dioscovite that evening and again the following morning. I returned to the Hospital the day after the visit and they took the blood as recommended. This time however, my daughter’s hemoglobin level has risen to 6.4 and the doctor was feeling much better about the situation. I continued to give my daughter the Dioscovite and her Hemoglobin rose to 7.9 the following week and she feeling fine. Let me say that both my son and daughter were at the doctor that day and my daughter alone returned the following day just to have her blood drawn. The bill for my son’s visit was around $4000.00 and my daughter $7,129.00. Thankfully I do have insurance so my portion was only around $1500. The point however is I felt so cheated by the medical system to charge me $11,000 for that one day visit and still did nothing to help my children. Thank God for your Product Dioscovite, which I believe has kept my children free from sickle cell episodes their entire lives.

Thanks Again,
Steve O’Neil, Esq.
Beltsville, MD”

Martha L Park

“January 23, 2006
Dear Dr. Agbai,
I am very excited about your supplement, “Dioscovite!” I found it to be a true miracle and blessing from GOD!
My name is Martha Park. I reside in McDonough, GA. My daughter, Zayda who is now 13 months old, was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia SS at just 6 months old. Tests showed that 68% of her blood was SS already. Before then, she had already had surgery at 3 months old because her intestines were malrotated (twisted). So when her doctor told me that she was diagnosed SS, it totally devastated my husband Andre and I.

The doctors offered NO HOPE. All they could offer was lifetime medications (some new and experimental), all of which come with serious side effects. Their treatments also included, blood transfusions, frequent hospitalizations, bone marrow transplants, all of which I could not picture my very small new born child going through. I immediately knew that a small child’s body was not equipped to filter out strong drugs! I prayed to GOD and said “Father, I know that you are a healer and I know that there has to be ANOTHER way. Please show it to me. In Jesus’ name, Amen” After which, I began doing research and learned that Africans & Jamaicans diagnosed with Sickle Cell hardly ever have problems because of the foods they consume. Then I ran across your website and it MADE SENSE. “DIOSCOVITE” offered me hope. I remember reading about it and has since then have met people in person using “Dioscovite” who has had no pain crisis and living normal healthy lifestyles. I am very excited because it’s all natural and has NO SIDE AFFECTS. At the Sickle Cell Clinic here in GA, all the doctors could show me was SICK and under weight children who were following “their” plan of drugs and suffering from the side affects of them.

At the time I ordered “Dioscovite,” little baby Zayda was 6 months old and had already been hospitalized twice due to Sickle Cell Anemia. Her hemoglobin was 5.4. Her small hands and little feet had swollen up like balloons (the sign in infants of blood sickling) and caused so much pain that she couldn’t even stand on her feet. She would holler and cry if you touched them. Her energy level was at an all time low. All she would do was lay around and sleep all day. She had no appetite and was very under weight. I had a trip planned to go out of the country but I was so afraid to leave her side.

Dr. Agbai, when I talked to you at that time your were very kind, patient, and informative. You possessed two things that the medical doctors didn’t and that was “DIOSCOVITE” and HOPE! You were so confident about your products. Thank you so much for shipping them overnight!

Zayda’s hands and feet had been swollen for over 2 weeks. After taking “Dioscovite” for just 2 days her hands and feet returned to its NORMAL state! I was able to travel out of the country with absolutely no worries because I knew “Dioscovite” would keep her from sickling. She’s a year old now and her hands and feet has not swollen since! Which means that her blood has not sickled since! Not just that, her hemoglobin went from 5.4 to 8.6. Her energy level is off the hook! She is all over the place! She has a very healthy appetite. She is gaining weight very well. She actually loves her African diet! She eats organic fresh fruits and veggies daily. She drinks fresh carrot and beet juice and of course, “Tahitian Noni Juice” every single day.

Friends and many of our family does not even have a clue about Zayda and Sickle Cell because she has had no symptoms or signs of the disorder. Zayda has not been hospitalized since! As a matter of fact when she goes for her normal check ups at the Sickle Cell clinic, she doesn’t even fit in with the rest of the sick children. She seems to be the only child that’s bright eyed, happy, healthy, and full of energy in the waiting area. Zayda has been absolutely medication free since she has was diagnosed because of “Dioscovite!”

I bless God daily for this miracle in our lives. Thank you so much Dr. Agbai, may GOD continue to bless your life changing discovery! I’ll definitely keep you posted on little Zayda’s well being. I am very confident that they will be Great updates!

Martha Park
McDonough, GA”

DISCLAIMER on rising of blood count:
While most of our customers experience a rise in their blood count (Hemoglobin & Hematocrit), we cannot guarantee that this will occur in your case. A rise in the blood count is dependent on a myriad of factors: some genetic, some environmental, some nutritional. Some nutritional factors include daily intake of Dioscovite in a way that maximizes absorption (See Frequently Asked Questions), High Protein Diet with Adequate Cholesterol, intake of Appropriate Vitamins and Minerals (See FAQ), avoidance of Alcohol, etc. While we can’t guarantee this will occur, we intend to provide you with educational resources to help you be in the best position to achieve this goal. You can receive this information by joining our newsletter.


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