This is Critical!

We take this mission very seriously, and we hope you understand that.  We understand there are times when some of our standards may fall short and we are working to correct those.  For example, we recently had an issue with one of our venders and our labels were less than our standards.  We are correcting this issue and we will be returning to higher standards.

Things like that affect the perception of our brand and we understand that.  If there is something else that you would like to discuss or provide feedback to us about, please do not hesitate to do this.  You may email us at or call 1-888-8-ASK-IHS.  

We would hate for any of these things to affect your confidence in our product.  If your issue with Dioscovite is the price, and you specifically are on a fixed income program such as a disability or social security, we may be able to help you to afford Dioscovite.  You may apply to the International Health Support Group Income Assistance Program.  Please email us at  We will be requesting you provide us some information along with documentation of your public program in order to determine your eligibility for our program.  

If you have any concern about something negative you may have heard about Dioscovite, please let us know about it, and we can discuss. As we mentioned before we have a track record of safe, effective use going back for 30 years.  Throughout this time though there have been health professionals who are upset about our product.  Unfortunately health professionals are under enormous pressure to protect their bottom lines, not only for themselves but for the hospitals that employ them.  That is why some are willing to make up false things about our product.  They are afraid of our product being used because people with sickle cell who are well no longer need them as much for their services So Let’s discuss, so we can put any lies and misinformation to bed, and you or your loved one can continue to live the good life that you deserve. 

Don’t let them put you back in that typical sickle cell patient box!